2d animation tests

Here is some of the 2d I worked on this quarter. Still needs polished.


Kid run- still needs fixed
Water Ski- kid jumps of a dock into the water, just gets his thumb up in time to say ready and the boat takes off!
Ready for Lunch- kid whips out his lunch and someone throws a snowball and knocks it out of his hands, still needs some tweaking
Dragon: I had a few other fly tests, but I didn't get time to capture them, but this is one.
V.1 still in early stages! lol It will be a walrus! he jumps up out of the ocean onto some ice, thats why he slides. V.1 from the slide over to screen right, all sucks i lost all my arcs and the animation looks bad.

So i started on V.2 oh! also this one is shot on 2's so its faster and missing a lot of inbetweens. Also I had an idea for this one, that someone was actually recording "the life of a Walrus" or something, and he does a double take and he stares at the camera, and thats why he gets up close and sniffs and what not. Not sure how to end it, maybe have him either go back into the water, or eat the people lol. Or I was thinking making him in 3d and with the extreme close up, transition into the 3d model and world so when he would go back out it would be in 3d. I dunno!

Last a lil kid baseball, I'm going to have him walk up to the plate and pick his heavy bat up, and I'm going to also make this like a home video, and have the crowd cheering and have the mom be like "oh my" when the bat comes at the screen, then have it go static and fade back into him spinning.

Thats some of the ideas, but I am open to suggestions and critiques!!! Now if my school would only let me use some of this in my reel >:(