This is just hilarious I think and these guys made the show!

Happy Halloween everyone!



Wow Netdevil is so cool. Great atmosphere with tons of passionate and very talented individuals. It's great that this company really goes the extra mile to take care of it's employees! Lots of extras like breakfasts, lunches, lots of people playing sports. There is a freaking basketball court there!!

Now I can practice on breaks and earn my name of Kobe back on the court ;) haha.

Here are some pics of the studio:

- Photos are from NetDevil's website check them out!
I'm working on the Lego Universe game, as an animator that will release next year! I've been working on a creature and coming up with some fun animations for him!

We had a snow day, lovely Colorado and it's madness decided to dump down tons of snow! Here is a pic from my back yard!


Ardipithecus finally comes out!

Ardipithecus ramidus - Adri for short

Or Fred, we actually had a few names for her at work, lol. I was asked to come help out Impossible Pictures working along side my mentor Daev Finn, & colleagues Jackie Evans and Russ Adkisson to finish a project on time.

The show airs on Discovery Channel on October 11th!

The project had been in production for a couple years, and wasn't looking to great. We didn't have much time and basically recreated 2 years worth of work in 6 weeks I believe? The two hardest weeks were the back to back 80 hour weeks.

To see what Daev Finn did with lighting, texturing the creature, I mean Ardi ;) is unreal. Espically in the short amount of time they had. wow.

The image is from the Discovery channel, once I'm allowed I will post up my shots and some of my sketches of my work flow. This was my first time working with motion capture, and it was very difficult. One of the shots I deleted about 800 frames and had to rework (keyframe) everything from the hips up to the head, to the fingers in about 18-23 hour time span.

I was also in charge of coming up with the teasers for promotional use. I am not sure if they will be used though. On the rest of the production, I assisted on texturing, rendering, scene layout, cameras, compositing, set dressing and whatever else the team needed!! lol.

So if anyone gets the chance check it out, or check back when I can post some of the shots up!!