Class 2 Sketches

I thought I'd share some of my Class 2 weekly sketches. There are a handful of us that draw and post every week on main page in school.

I joined in the last 4 weeks of term 2.

With all the Kung Fu Panda Movie stuff I have been seeing recently I thought I would dig up a really old sketch of my kung fu panda movie idea...so much for the idea lol

I hadn't slept in a few days so I felt a little rough


Animation Mentor Class 2 progress

So another amazing term at Animation Mentor has come and gone. And I am still finding myself picking my jaw off the ground, from how amazingly talented everyone is at AM.

Here is my class 2 progress reel along with class 1!

At some point I would like to go back and polish the pumpkin kid one, because in terms of being done I would say its at a first polishing pass. And render all the work to make it look purtty :)

Thanks for watching!