Marat is going to Disney!

My friend and old roommate Marat Davletshin has just accepted a full-time job as an animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios! He'll be joining an incredible crew and one of my good friends Hobbie!

Check out Marat's demo reel below.

I put together a little going away party for Marat over the weekend in Berkeley and it was great fun. A lot of the original Animation Collaborative crew came out to celebrate. We were only missing 3 people from our Gesture Drawing class! And to get the night going we had vodka and pickles, just how they do it back home in Russia. :P


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I've been helping out on a lot projects over the last year or two and this year those projects will see the light of day! 3 of those projects will be releasing their own Kickstarter campaigns, one of them has just realsed!

Please take the time to check it out and of course if you can support us that would be fantastic!

I've been storyboarding and helping out on set for SanFranLand, and it's been great being around so many talented and motivated individuals.

I only have a handful of hours before shooting so I draw with a sharpie cranking out as much as I can.