Contour Practice

Part of our homework in class is to practice contour drawings, I wanted to share some of my recent drawings. 

When I first started drawing contours weeks ago I never imagined the lines actually forming something that's recognizable. 
I'm always drawing on the Bart and it's been great being able to quickly draw someone without the back and forth of looking at the person and my sketchbook. Once I'm finished I'll go back over it and plus the drawing.

I would like to get to the point where I am making these drawings ooze with appeal and push the caricature of them. And as I continue I want to start making each image say something and not just copy what I'm seeing. Push more story elements into each image. Two weeks ago we practiced a continuous contour study (not sure if that's the correct term) But the model would be moving and we would copy the poses as the model moved. The image below is another practice at the same technique while at CTN. 

And since being back home I quickly drew my dad to show him that I'm not looking at the paper while drawing and fortunately it turned out somewhat decent and looked like him! 


CTNx 2011

The CTN Expo flew by yet again this year. I had a great time and it was truly awesome to help and see my buddies, Danny Wise and Zach Stark have a booth this year. We all learned a lot for next year and they received a lot of great feedback and response to their work. 

The guys in action with their booth all setup! 

I didn't realize until now the lack of photos this year and the ones I do have aren't that great! Next time. :) I also want to apologize for not being able to hang out with some friends I originally planned on seeing! I received notice for a last minute interview on Saturday and busted out a quick portfolio Fri night/ Sat morning. 

It feels very good to know the work I've been busting my butt for at AnimC is paying off, makes me want to push even harder now. And about half of the Story class from AnimC received fantastic feedback as well! We all have been kicking some major tail, so it's great to hear the positive feedback. It would be so cool to work with everyone from class one day! 

For next year I'm considering a booth, I'm not really sure what I would showcase but I'm toying with the idea for now. I also ran into a couple friends I attended Gobelins with back in 2007, it was freaking awesome to see them and catch up! And just seeing Danny and Zach at their own table was a great feeling for me, I'm really proud of them.

I want to thank everyone that took the time to check out my work, and wish everyone safe travels back home! I'll update more once I get back home and eat a big fat turkey!! 


AnimC 1st 24hr Film: Date!

This was one of the short films created during the 24hr film event with the AnimC crew!

Josh was the voice of Sexy Muffin and I was the voice for the blue guy. I think on the next 24 film event we will use stop motion again because the film I worked on with Mitchell and Liam grew into a giant short film. (6-7mins)

If we find the time to redo it we will post it, but for now we will be focusing on new work!

enjoy! :D


Lego Attack Crocodiles!

I was just informed my very first animation test at Lego has now been added to Lego Universe! Check it out here: It's a Member Exclusive: Attack Crocodiles!  

Glad to see this little guy in the game and it's cool reading the feedback on the forums. Feels very rewarding, knowing the struggle I endured in the beginning to complete the Croc animation.

I was first tasked with optimizing the Croc bringing down his poly count to around 3k from 20k, next up, I had to rig the bugger which was difficult because we had to keep the bone count under 17 bones. And once that was finished I went to town on the animations sets so I could keep my job haha.

I've also uploaded my Lego Reel on Youtube:

                                                               (not intended to be a show reel)
The Croc animation is around the 3min mark. I should try and find my last bits of animation I was doing for Nexus Tower and NinjaGo.

Speaking of animation I've picked up some new freelance, working as remote contract animator for a new video game. Once I allowed I'll post up some animation and news about the game!