Lego Attack Crocodiles!

I was just informed my very first animation test at Lego has now been added to Lego Universe! Check it out here: It's a Member Exclusive: Attack Crocodiles!  

Glad to see this little guy in the game and it's cool reading the feedback on the forums. Feels very rewarding, knowing the struggle I endured in the beginning to complete the Croc animation.

I was first tasked with optimizing the Croc bringing down his poly count to around 3k from 20k, next up, I had to rig the bugger which was difficult because we had to keep the bone count under 17 bones. And once that was finished I went to town on the animations sets so I could keep my job haha.

I've also uploaded my Lego Reel on Youtube:

                                                               (not intended to be a show reel)
The Croc animation is around the 3min mark. I should try and find my last bits of animation I was doing for Nexus Tower and NinjaGo.

Speaking of animation I've picked up some new freelance, working as remote contract animator for a new video game. Once I allowed I'll post up some animation and news about the game!


ian said...

id say your a pro

Toby Cochran said...

ha. Thanks Ian! :)