So I thought I would share some of the posters I have done over my years through the Art Institute. They will be in order from the most current to my first attempts! And I will give brief statements for some so you can see what the heck I was thinking!

I will show some of my concepts and progress for a few of them and will be blacking out part of a name along with the number included.

Summer 07 poster:

Here is where I started from, I sometimes just start drawing and messing around in PS to get some rough ideas:
Idea 1:

Idea 2:

Idea 3:

Discovery Days 07:
This was for a poster to promote upcoming events that the school would hold to bring in professionals to speak to the students.

Spring 07 poster:

For spring and summer I started to play around with the more grungy/urban type feel and look.

Winter 07 poster:

Here was one of my more refined sketches for this concept, I had drawn about 2 pages of different designs and looks for the leprechaun. As you can see from the sketch I was trying to make sure I got that foot to look right.

Fall 06:

Here is the spam can in the process of being textured, I thought it would be fun to create the "Internship" as the hero VS'ing the Spam can listing off there qualities.

Spring 06: Well for some reason I can't seem to find the rest of the poster for this one, but from the layout of the 3D I'm sure you can guess how it went.

Summer 06:
I thought this was fitting for the Internship Fair... early bird gets the worm message.

Winter 06
This poster was fun to create because it was the first time I used my 3D skills to help make the poster. But as you can see, my typography and layout skills were really bad.

Fall 05:
This one was fun for me except for the fact that I had to pust so much information on it. As you can tell from the later posters I think the message could get across with out so much type. This was the first of 3 poster with the "flying pig" It become the mascot as you could say for CS.



Wowzers I'm way behind on keeping this updated!

So its week 9 already over at AM!!! how crazy is that! I'm learning so much it feels like I'm starting to ooze out the ears with info! Not only that but I can easliy get caught up in the site looking at others work or blogs or whatever!

Aside from AM work I've been super busy with side projects and freelance!
Here are a couple of different pieces. The bodybuilding one is for an up and coming professional, Dylan Armbrust. I'm also working on one for his wife, Heather Armbrust as well.

And the Roller girl one is for a friend on a league here in Colorado her team name is Ho J Simpson, which is a fun name and I was able to play around a bit with the design elements. I have her sitting on that same white bronco and shes holding a knife and wearing those gloves and yes these ones do fit lol.

I will post up some of my latest work from AM very soon!!