The Doodlenauts #2

The Doodlenauts & The Muppets Recap! 

Saturday March 22nd I hosted my second Doodlenauts event at Washington Square Park! I couldn't have conjured up a better day for us to be out sketching.

Lots of new faces this time around and always great to see my friends that I haven't seen in a while. We started drawing around 1pm and didn't stop until 5pm. I don't know where the time went, but it flew by! I almost wanted to extend it another hour, but we had plans to go down and eat before watching Muppets Most Wanted.

The Doodlenuats soaking up the sun!
The Muppets sequel was fun, very silly and a lot to enjoy. I am not a big fan of musicals, but this film had some great songs, one in particular called, "I'll Get You What You Want"  I Loved the song, loved the performance and staging along with all the little gags during this sequence. I don't think the film was as good as the first, but fun non the less.

Here are some photos of The Doodlenauts!

we had some pizza in the park. 
And these awesome photos were taken by Brandon Jazmin! 
thanks for the pics Brandon! 
I had a freaking blast, and it was fantastic to meet new people! Next month there will be the World Wide Sketchcrawl and that same weekend I'll be celebrating my birthday! I think I'll be spending that day at the beach. I'll test the waters to see if people want to attend two sketching events in one month. :)

Until next time! Thanks again everyone for making it such an awesome day.


The Doodlenauts & The Muppets!

This Saturday, March 22nd. I'm hosting the 2nd Doodlenauts meetup!

We will meet at Washington Square Park at 1pm - 4:30pm. Bring a blanket, sketchbook, snacks, beverages, frisbees and some sun screen! 

Then we will walk, bus, fly on over to the Westfield Mall Century 9 for some proper dining. We'll feast at the food court then watch The Muppets at 7:15pm. Buy your tickets: here

For those who don't have any idea what The Doodlenauts is all about well... it's YOU! Sketchcrawlers, urban sketchers, painters, photographers, game devs ... simply put; artists! 

It's open to everyone, you don't have to be an artist to attend. I enjoy supporting my community and meeting new people. It's all about relaxing, meeting others, sharing tips and tricks and making new friends. :D

If you're interested go to the Facebook Event for more info! 

Come say hi!


The Doodlenauts & The Lego Movie

The 1st Doodlenuats event was a great success! 

Overcast skies, gusty winds and lots of rain forced me to change the meetup location from Chinatown to doodling inside the Westfield Mall. Which worked out great, we had plenty of people to draw, lots to eat and we were nice and dry!

you can check out some of my doodles HERE. 

I want to thank those who came out just to say hello and make an appearance for the event! I really appreciated that.

Like I've mentioned this event is for everyone! Evan came out and took photographs, a couple engineers came out to draw, one of them contemplated to start coding on his game! And a handful of new faces joined us. 

My friend made a great comment about explaining what The Doodlenauts is all about. "It's like Planet Fitness, but for your drawings."

I love that haha. If you don't get the reference, then let me explain a wee bit. Planet Fitness is a simple gym, anyone can get a membership and not worry about being judge. Same principle applies with Doodlenauts, no judgement, all levels of artistic ability are welcome.

We then attended The Lego Movie. And it was hilarious! Such a fun movie, loved the style, solid story. The directors have produced nothing but great entertaining movies, I hope if they have a sequel that the original crew comes back. 

After the film, some of us went for drinks and called it a night! I had a great time and I will let everyone know about the next event in March! 


The Doodlenauts!

The wha?

I would like to introduce my new group called The Doodlenauts!

So what's The Doodlenauts you ask? It's an event for artists: photographers, doodlers, painters, developers etc; to go out and 'doodle' in the urban jungle! And more importantly to have fun, hangout, meet new people and share tips and tricks all while eating delicious food.

In addition to the Doodle day event I arrange dinner, a movie (usually animated) and a place for drinks after!

I've been hosting different events for the last two years now and have been wanting to "brand" it as something other than calling it a SketchCrawl. 1. Because my events are not exactly the same as a Sketchcrawl 2. I'm tired of people asking me if certain Pixar folks will be out drawing (granted those people aren't really there to draw in the first place) and 3. I wanted something that represented what I was doing and creating.

A few of my movie night events have been so big, I now have a go-to guy at the theater in the city just incase I need to arrange a private screening. Which we could have for the film Wreck It Ralph!

I love being out and about, in a fantastic city on a beautiful day and surrounded by incredibly talented people. Then to continue that enthusiasm into the movie, and experience it with everyone and after we talk / critique/ dissect the film over drinks. And it's freaking awesome.

My goal is to share that energy and create a fun community of artists. I've also got larger goals for this "brand' as well.

I'm kind of shooting from the hip as I don't normally create a group or property without making sure I have everything created (logo, website, social media, etc) But I want this to grow and be a process I can share. One of my larger goals with all of this is to one day create my own foundation to help ensure schools across the United States have ART programs, that includes: Music, Painting, Dancing, Theater and whatever else they want! It's something that wont happen over night, but this is my first active step towards my goal.

SO! If you are ever around in San Francisco or the Bay Area be sure to keep an eye out for The Doodlenauts! :D


First Sketch Meetup of 2014!

It's a new year! Time to actually start posting again. :) I promise to blog more than I did last year. Ha

The weather had been so nice in the Bay Area I thought I would take advantage of it and host a Sketch meetup. The first of Many this year! I'm also going to work on a group name to make my events know and distinct. 


Once it started raining we moved inside and hovered around the tables until seats opened up. It was fun huddled up with everyone at both tables, we started to draw one another and then the caricatures started to get a bit fun. 

I kept my caricatures a bit tame this go around. 

I want to thank everyone for coming out! I was surprised and delighted by the great turn out. :D The next sketch-outing I will have a group name and create a hashtag for the events! Stay tooned! ;)