First Sketch Meetup of 2014!

It's a new year! Time to actually start posting again. :) I promise to blog more than I did last year. Ha

The weather had been so nice in the Bay Area I thought I would take advantage of it and host a Sketch meetup. The first of Many this year! I'm also going to work on a group name to make my events know and distinct. 


Once it started raining we moved inside and hovered around the tables until seats opened up. It was fun huddled up with everyone at both tables, we started to draw one another and then the caricatures started to get a bit fun. 

I kept my caricatures a bit tame this go around. 

I want to thank everyone for coming out! I was surprised and delighted by the great turn out. :D The next sketch-outing I will have a group name and create a hashtag for the events! Stay tooned! ;)

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