Gobelin Summer School!!!


I honestly have a difficult time just trying to explain how amazing this experience was. Everything from the food to the people to the new friends and instructors was incredible. I was surrounded by soooo many talented AND motivated artists it was disgusting! (but in a good way of course)

My knowledge for animation has just grown by the barrels and my head is still hurting from all the information. I was suppose to post a new blog for each day while I was over in France, but that didn't happen...well because I was too BUSY!

My camera kinda went bad on me and over half of my photos went bad, so when I can I will post the ones I can.

One the first day of the 2D Animation "Basics" I was being blown away from Fred Nagorny, and how he was so passionate about animation. On how he explained animation, things just started clicking and other things I didn't even learn or realize before were smacking in the face and was all becoming very intimidating.

My animation "school" training has honestly come from everything I've read, or have done on my own. To see a instructor actually know what he was talking about was incredible. It was great to see him relate the 2D animation to 3D and the break down to the curve editor making it look like CAKE!

No one can even explain or knows why the curves do what they do where I go!! "Just make it all smooth" they say.... JEEZE. I learned more about animation in that short time then the last 4 years at school. Granted my school isn't just all "character animation" they should AT least know what the hell they are talking about when they do teach the classes, but sadly they have no clue.

That's okay though, going to Gobelin was worth every penny and I graduate soon, and will be on my way to Animation Mentor. Seeing AM in relation to Gobelin is the only real comparison I can give on the school knows what they are talking about. Only downside to AM is not having the hands on interaction with the instructors. At Gobelin we did and its no wonder why the students are the best.

Gobelin is also one of the toughest schools to get enrolled to, and they only allow in the BEST of the Best. They don't take any schmuck off the street.

Oh also KEEP your eyes peeled for the graduating class from Gobelin's. These short films are seriously some of the best films I have ever seen! They make some studio work look silly.