Japantown SketchCrawl #10

I'm still getting use to "winter" here in San Francisco, and by winter I mean spring time. As much as I miss CO; I don't miss scraping ice off my windshield, or letting my car warmup for 30 mins, or having my nose hair freeze, or driving / playing bumper cars on an icy road with a bunch of idiots.

Out here, I try to take advantage of the nice weather. This weekend was the 10th sketchcrawl I've been organizing. It started with students from AnimC but now we have people from different schools, studios and professions. We had a really nice turn out today, 17 artists and growing. :D

And of course we ended the day with some delicious ramen. :)


TellTale Cinematic Test

I finished this right before Christmas and can finally post it. I feel good about the test, I enjoyed working on it and finished the test under 20 hrs.

I'm excited to take what I learned and apply it to my next project. And for those who have asked, yes, that's my voice for the sounds :D


The History of Lego Universe

If you enjoy LEGO you should watch this little video. It brings back a lot of fun memories working with everyone on Lego Universe. There was a large pool of talent under that roof and I had a lot of fun working on the game.

"video has been removed from user"

I'm sad to see that the game couldn't just accept the free-for-play and let the community still enjoy the game. I put in a little over a year and a half working on the game but there were some who had been there since the first pitch! Around 5 years of blood, sweat and tears were poured into that project.

Thought I'd post some photos :)

We had the 2nd largest collection of Lego bricks in the world

 Getting ready for the Xmas party!

this was my ride until I crashed. Then I bought a ripstick

2 fast...

During a BBQ I think...photo by: Sergey

My first year I took 2nd place for the Halloween Costume party, 2nd year we owned it.

This will be a nice little gem to reflect on.


WW SketchCrawl #34

For the first half of the morning the weather was nice enough to draw outside, then the wind picked up and we moved inside the Ferry building.

There was a lot of great talent out sketching on Saturday, it was very inspiring and motivating to meet new artists.


The Hudsucker Proxy Breakdown

A new term has started at AnimC and part of the first assignment is to study a film and breakdown the shots. Focusing on visual progression; meaning cutting, continuity, line quality, line closure and finding basic shape progression.


The Power of Enthusiasm

2012 Is going to be a great year. And I want to help drive that home with this video. If you have 18 mins or can listen to it while you work, I recommend you do so!