This was a little painting I made for a friends birthday. She loves anything with cows so gift ideas are pretty easy :P.
Painting this took a little longer than expected, my acrylic paints were a bit old and very clumpy ha. Next time I'll stick with my watercolors.


1980s Three-peat!

With coach Alf at the helm, team N.P. - no pants - went undefeated for three consecutive years. Some say the universe was in perfect alignment to allow the worlds best talent to play on the same stage. We will never see anything like it again.
"I think it's the greatest team ever assembled in any sport." - He-Man

"You can't cover the sun with your finger." - Optimus Prime

"A true Dream Team." - Alvin & the Chipmunks


Dream Train

You ever had a wild dream? Well, almost all of my dreams are like Michael Bay films - Freaking crazy! Crap exploding, crazy camera angles, lens flares, gun battles, I try and save a bus full of kids, whatever. A lot of the times I will dream situations, and pause it in the dream. If something happens in it, I will rewind it, and play it back for a new outcome.

I try and recorded them by writing them down or drawing out what happened.

Well a couple nights ago I had a pretty wild dream and I thought I'd share a part of it with everyone.
**warning - may be a wee bit graphic**

let me know what ya think!

This took me about 3 days to complete and another half day for music and tweaking. The hardest part was getting the exact images from my brain to my pencil. The 1st day I drew tons of thumbnails and finally had to go look up some reference. All and all this was great practice! 




This weeks theme is Turtles. And I can't help myself but think of Ninja Turtles when I hear the word turtle. 


Big Kahuna

My entry for the weekly doodle. I took the magician/ sorcerer route with this concept, and I referenced Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson's tat for the characters tattoo. His tattoo is pretty bad ass in it's design.


Human Pin Cushion

I was stuck with a bit more needles than usual today so I decided to look up, and this is what I saw...

I tell ya, the needles in the toes and fingers can hurt the worst.

New Portfolio

In just about a weeks time I created a new portfolio from being laid off. I mailed my friends and mentors for critiques then made as many changes as possible in the time I had.

As always great practice working under the gun. When I was at the print shop it reminded me of how much time and effort went into my graduating portfolio, we were allowed so much. It's crazy to think how little was done when given 11 weeks.

I already know what I want to do differently to make it better. I've been following a lot of great artists for inspiration only to find even more during this process. It would be incredible to work with these artists one day.

In the meantime I'll keep busting my butt!

Happy Friday!