AnimC Classes

I am so grateful to be apart of this new school and be surrounded with such incredible talent from all over the world. I was right, it's just like Gobelins, great artists, great mentors, the energy is through the roof and everyone is excited to help others grow.

I'll be posting some art work here and there, I still don't have my setup out here in SF yet, but I'm flying home soon, then driving back out to SF to get settled in. I'm going to push myself hard than ever, and I've created a new blog to keep myself accountable.

**1.M.D.** will be coming very soon... in the meantime enjoy a few pics!!

Shouldn't it be Lotso?
A little hike above Berkeley Campus
The Hogwarts of Tennis Clubs
Finally a view of the birdge!
From my bike ride
1st SketchCrawl!