Virginia Tech Fundraiser

I decided to create a fundraiser, benefiting the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy. I pitched my idea to my school, The Art Institute and they wanted to help out.

Here is what some of the flyer's looked like:

We had talented artists from the school and around the Denver community come out and help draw or paint all day!! One of the biggest hits was the face painting. The 9th Annual Denver Arts Festival was gracious enough to let us set up a booth and take part in the event.

Here is the T-Shirt I Designed:

Donations are going towards the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund:VT

I will update more with photos of the event along with the final amount of money donated.

Thank you again for everyone making this happen and for the support.


Quick Painting

This is a fun little site, art.com has a painting section, you can have save to their gallery and once your finished you can watch your work from start to finish.

For some reason I could not get my work to save!?? But I did capture it on my webcam and I speeded it up 3x more than the orginally speed up. Go here and check it out!http://artpad.art.com/?undefined

Here is my piece.