Pitch Day!

Back in LA - my team and I crunched for four days, and we were able to put together a nice little presentation. It will be exciting to how things go down!!


Unleashing Your Creative Self

Never Give Up.

I met Don Hahn when he was promoting his film Waking Sleeping Beauty, super nice guy he gave me some "gems" of advice. I looking forward to reading his latest.


Donnie & Leo

I wanted to post this up last week but ran out of time trying to get things ready for my quick trip to LA. enjoy! |:|)



That doodle was submitted for the theme "Flight" - I had a lot of fun drawing tons of ideas, most of which I plan to expand and post up.

I Haven't been able to post much lately, but I'm still drawing tons in my sketchbook! My hard drive went to crap on me then one of my monitors, then the next one (just flickering but annoying) and my cintiq now has goofy pink lines running through it!

Gots to love technology haha. So I'm sending one thing back at a time so I can keep working. I've also storyboarded out a new dialogue clip I'm planning on animating and just finished a tiny script on another idea from a dream I had that I'll start boarding out soon.


Boot Camp starts again

I've started training, again; I'm prepping for Tough Mudder - check the vid -

I decided to bite the bullet and sign back up for the Boot Camp classes I've been taking since Nov. of last year. Just this past Feb. I had to stop as I tweaked my lower back - but I'm good to go now, and I've also started training at a gym for Parkour! I've been wanting to do Parkour for years. So this, on top of bootcamp is kicking my butt already!

The hardest challenge out of all that is eating enough and getting those calories from the right food sources. I need to maintain 3k plus and I want to put 15lbs back on so I'm going to be eating full-time... maybe I can find a new job eating full-time and I can keep up on all the drawing! :P