Merry Xmas!!

Just wanted to share this with everyone and wish everyone a Happy Holidays!!!

- will update more before the end of the year, since getting back from CTN things have been hectic and exhausting. Hopefully things will be on the up and up shortly.

Best wishes!


Going out with a bang!

End of the year is wrapping up in the next month and half, and I can't believe how fast time has flown by!

I've been taking Robb Pratt's online storyboarding classes all year. And I remember signing up at the end of February thinking, "I have to wait all year to just get 10 lessons!" Dec 11th will be the last class, and I'm kinda sad it's already over.

I do wish the classes were a bit more one on one with assignments however. I am looking into all the schooling I can get my hands on for storyboarding to take my skills to the next level. There are a couple of places offering classes and videos that I plan to soak up.

CTN Expo. I can't wait for CTN! It's going to be great, lots of great artists will be there and I am super excited to meet a few board artists that I've been following, along with some long time idols like Humberto Ramos!!

this weekend is going to be freaking amazing!!
Safe travels everyone!!


AiC Event talk

I had the pleasure of arranging and setting up a panel talk at the Art Institute of Colorado which took place last night, Nov. 10th. The Alumni coordinator and I have had this in the works for over 2 months now!

A few months back we received a demo reel at work from a current graduate and unfortunately it wasn't very polished and looked very "stock" - meaning it had every class assignment in it and lacked any extra ..... pep.

And I got to thinking, so many of us up at NetDevil graduated around the same time as one another that we were fortunate enough to get an awesome gig soon after graduating. I was wondering why that was, why were we different. Then I thought we should give a talk!!!

Now I've had my problems with the school in the past and I'm still upset to see how things are running at the school, but they have been making BIG improvements!! I know for myself, while I attended I was ALWAYS seeking out mentor-ship and knowledge when I couldn't gain it in the classroom.

And I know for myself if someone from the industry hosted a talk about what to do to get your foot in the door I would have soaked that up!! And that's exactly what I wanted to give to the current students and other Alumni still seeking a gig.

The idea was to host a no holds-barred type of forum and let it be a free for all letting the students ask questions and at the end to receive feedback on their work. I was able to round up some colleagues and had a total of 10 speakers from work to speak. It was fantastic because we an array of experience from Seniors, Leads and jr. artists who have moved on up. And it went extremely well!

I really hope lots of students took away nuggets of good information from us all. And I want to thank Shandra and AiC for hosting us. If I get the opportunity to do another talk I would be more than grateful too.

Remember to keep the dream alive and never let anything get in your way from achieving your dreams!


Nov. the Great

Nov. is going to be a great freaking month!

1. CTN Expo - boom! I can't wait, JBL and I are going to have blast.
2. 4th month of swing dancing
  • Toy Story 3 on DVD - I've already devoured all the extras and going through the extra commentaries. :D
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World comes out on DVD next week!! Such an underrated movie, and it's unfortunate it didn't do so well in the theater. But I hope it sees a long life on DVD.
  • And movies releasing in the theaters - Megamind, 127 Hours, Due Date, My Dog Tulip, Harry Potter, Tangled, Black Swan, Faster and Monsters should be playing at a local cinema!
4. Family time - Thanksgiving is coming up, and my family unfortunately is getting smaller each year so it makes harder but makes it much more meaningful for us to come together. Also a reminder to be thankful for the friends I still have and the new friendships I'm building.
5. Life Drawing
6. Giving a speech at the Art Institute of Colorado with my colleagues from Netdevil, should be a fun time.


Austin Film Fest

This is my first time at a film festival, and the overwhelming feeling I have feels just like the feeling I had when I attended my first Siggraph show. I feel a bit out of my element, but I share a common dominator with other artists here. We love film.

And after sitting in my first writing panel I may be one of a few storyboard artists here... I need to capitalize on that and see if I can't meet/ make some new friends!!

And I have verbal confirmation that my stubbornness has been rightfully so, the past few years of not breaking my rules just to create a film. Every freaking thing I've been striving and preaching about is truth as I've just been hearing, and from "A-list" studios. This is very reassuring.

It's time to move on and take my game to the next level. Excited, I am hungry to already get back to work after only a day, and can't wait for what lies ahead of me!

more to come from the festival when I get back home.


I heart Cintiq

Man, I was struggling on my 4X5 wacom to finish up the rest of my animation for the commercial, and I decided to go into work and use a friends Cintiq. After two full days of grinding I was still not finished, a friend of mine was nice enough to let me borrow his personal Cintiq to use at home and I was able to finish!

AND man! I don't know how I've been completing work without one! They are so freaking nice! I was actually looking at buying my buddies but I just recently dropped a ton of money on my car so am gonna have to let it pass!

Luckly though, I have learned my lesson and know the style of the next animation and will be better planned ahead of time so it wont be as difficult. Hardest part on the last one, was 3 characters and staging. Clean up went smoothly using the cintiq as well, so nice working on one.

I also worked a bit on my starry night painting that is posted here, I should only have about 8-10 hrs of work left on that, then I'll post an update. Oh and I wont be able to show any of my work from the commercials until November 5th! So stay tuned.

I will also be giving a talk down at the Art Institute of Colorado on November 10th. I've been in talks with the school about setting up an event and I've rounded up some colleagues from work and we are all going to be sharing some insight. The goal is to go down and have a no holds barred type of forum, we are running with the title: "Your Degree, Reality, & You."

We want to be as open and honest to the students as possible! Should make for a fun evening. Next time I post, I'll post some artwork instead of just boring text! :)


2D Animation

I decided to pick up some last minute freelance to help pay for some upcoming trips I'll be taking in the coming months. And I should have known better haha. But so far it has been fun, and I need reevaluate on how I can execute all the work needing to be finished.

I have just finished roughing out 36 seconds of animation in 6 days, working part-time. Now, I need to cleanup & finalize the characters in Illustrator and import them over into Flash to polish.

Then I can move onto the next commercial. This work is a lot more than I intended it to be, for the next commercial I will keep a big sign hanging overhead that reads "MOVING ILLUSTRATIONS ONLY" instead of animating things out. Because the turn around time for 30 seconds is so freaking tight it's not worth killing myself over this.

I will post some w.i.p. when allowed! And hopefully I will get out and enjoy the sun sometime today!!



Olympus Pen uses stop motion to tell a story.

This is a really well executed commercial / short film. I love the progression and the music used in this film.

Also here are some tidbits from the creators.

“This is the PEN Story in stop motion. We shot 60.000 pictures, developed 9.600 prints and shot over 1.800 pictures again. No post production! Thanks to all the stop motion artists who inspired us. We hope you enjoy

Some of the comments we have read here suggest that we should mention the creator of “A wolf loves pork”, Mr Taijin Takeuchi.
While we were looking for a way to realise a story describing “a journey through time” based on printed images, we were inspired by Mr Takeuchi’s brilliant work. For this reason we intentionally quoted his work in our little movie while showing full respect to his original idea. We didnt mention his name because we did not want to do so without his prior agreement.
However after considering some of the comments posted here we have decided to add credits to him and his work, which we obviously absolutely love.”


more doodles

another random doodle using the odosketch site. just wish i had a bit more control on a few things or the colors. Seems to be stubborn with the tiny pencils.

some random food for thought:
The only way to retain love is to give it away, and the only way love grows is by giving. And if we deny love given, and refuse because we are afraid of being vulnerable then we live an empty life suffering much greater.

-now I must get back to work :P


quick lunch doodle

just in case the video doesn't work CLICK ME

fun little doodle during lunch.


The Monk and the Monkey

This is a really nice film by Francesco Giroldini and Brendan Carroll - I am curious if Ringling is allowing students to team up now? It seems if this was the first pair that did so the quality has improved greatly. I would even compare it to some group efforts by Gobelins students.

I really enjoy the music in this short film along with the lighting! It's obvious A LOT of time was spent on this, the character designs, textures, camera and the animation are all really polished as well. Great job and best of luck to you guys!!


New Painting W.I.P.

Man, I am terrible at trying to keep this thing updated haha. Although I have been updating my other blog quite often, and posting on my twitter... man so many things to keep up on. I don't really have anything interesting for people to be following me on twitter just yet haha.

I will soon release that beast and share what all I have been up to with everyone soon. :D I mentioned I'd be getting a painting up, and I finally have some progress on it! Check it out, still have lots to do, but I'm happy with the progress in the short amount of time today.

I will also be posting some great short films I've been watching.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!!


Bird Box

This is soo good I wanted to share it! The timing is fantastic and the characters are SO simple!! great work!!



I had one heck of an interesting weekend this past weekend. Only way I can describe it was it was just all meant to happen... so I am thinking?

It was more than just right place right time...

I was able to sorta bring back my story team for a last minute jam session on some future work!!! It's kind of getting scary at how well we can all flow and mesh together, I'm not sure if it's all the practice we have had over the years or what.

Probably the fact we have spent years on this project and are starting to really understand this world we have created, that it's now getting to a point of not being as difficult ... so I hope! haha.

And I should have some new art work to post up that just isn't nude life drawing studies!!


Oil Spill S

Satellite Timelapse April 20 - May 24 2010 Deepwater Horizon From Space.

Still spreading... this is going on what 70 days now? We can send a man to the moon but we can't figure out how to plug a damn hole?!


Goals vs. Objectives

Not sure how many folks follow Ed Hooks, but his work is brilliant, and his workshops are even better! If he ever stops traveling so darn much I would love to attend his class again!

I read his monthly newsletter and this month had a great write up on Goals vs Objectives for characters motivation. Here is what Ed had to say:

"When Barack Obama was running for President, his goal was to be elected. But he first had to win primary elections in order to become the Democratic candidate. In acting terms, his objective back then was to win in each individual state - Iowa, Pennsylvania, and so on. You see what I am saying? A goal is not the same thing as the objective that motivates a character to act.

In my workshops, I teach that a character should be playing an action in pursuit of an objective while overcoming an obstacle, but I think that that word "objective" is unclear to some animators. Think of it this way: Your character is going to do something right now, immediately. Right? What is his immediate objective? Why is he moving? Analogy: When you go to the studio to work, getting out of bed in the morning is an action in pursuit of that objective. Taking a shower and eating a bowl of cereal are actions in pursuit of that same objective, getting to work. Stepping onto a city bus or starting your car is an action in pursuit of that objective. Your ultimate goal, perhaps years down the road, may be to be direct movies at Pixar. That is what causes you to have the kinds of objectives that you have. It is good to have goals, and most people do. But in terms of acting, starting your car in the morning is not going to lead directly to making movies for Pixar. It will result in you getting to your job this morning. That is your objective, and it is provable. You will know whether or not you got to the studio, right? An objective should always be provable. If you want to make a salad tonight, then going to the market to buy some lettuce and tomatoes is an action in pursuit of that objective, and you will know whether or not you achieved your objective. You will know whether or not you get the salad made. Your goal may be to lose ten pounds, but your objective is to make a salad.

If your character wants to travel from Paris to London, then getting to London would be his objective. Deciding whether to fly or take a train is an action in pursuit of the objective of getting to Paris. In order to make it theatrical, you need an obstacle of some kind - a snowstorm or blocked railroad track or something. Simply getting from London to Paris is not sufficient because that would be "regular reality". In storytelling, we want "theatrical reality", and that requires an obstacle. Theatrical reality has structure, form. Regular reality does not.

Stage actors also take into consideration what is known as the "super objective" when playing a character. This kind of objective is different from an immediate objective or even a goal because the character is often unaware of it himself. A woman works eighteen hours a day to build her cake-baking business. Her objective might be to fill particular orders, and the conflict might be a lack of sufficient time. Having a successful business that gets written up in the food magazines is her goal, but right now she has to get the cakes out on time. Her super-objective has to do with why it is important to her in the first place to be the owner of a successful business. Why is she looking for business success rather than, say, spiritual fulfillment as a Catholic nun? All humans have super-objectives, but not everybody is conceptual about it. That is what psychotherapy is for. Performance in animation has not yet reached the point at which we need to talk a lot about super-objective, but it will in time. Just remember, you cannot play actions in pursuit of a super-objective. Nor can you play actions in direct pursuit of goals. The concept of actions and objectives is an immediate motivating idea. "

- if anyone isn't on the mailing list here is his link: Acting for Animators I really enjoyed this write up and thought I'd share it, great material for animators and storytellers. :) I also liked the idea of "super objective"...

What's your "super objective?"



Tonight!! Some friends and I are going to do the marathon!!! Freaking sooo excited for this!!

If anyone is in the area, come join us!!


Keep pushing

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars
- Kahlil Gibran



Busy, busy.

that's how I like it.

However, I might not have any hair left at the end of June. haha. I will soon be in crunch at work to finish support for the online teams I help. I have 2 freelance projects, entering a contest and finishing some things for my feature film.

Biggest issue for me is making sure I stay on point for keeping some balance mixed in all this! It's finally summer time and I don't want to be hunched over my computer through out the day and night. Which means, I need to work much, much smarter and faster.

One decent habit I've been trying to pick up is on my time management. Instead of multi-tasking only giving __% to 5 different things, I'm giving 100% to just one for a set period of time. I have downloaded some digital timers to help me. If I only have one hour to paint, then I have to accomplish as much as I can during that time! Same for blogging or suffering the net ;)

And I have to say it's really helping, especially at work. I know this may sound strange, but I work extremely well on tight deadlines, so when I have a timer in the corner of my eye, it adds that extra bit of push and pressure for me. Odd, I know. But hey, if you can find something that works, stick with it and bust your butt! :D


Life Drawing

Here are a few doodles from the past 2 weeks.

Working on getting my game back.


Headless Studio Reel '10

WOW. Love all of the work they have produced. When I first watched this reel I was autmatcially wondering if they had worked on the film Noturna!! And sure enough they did! Their style reminded me of the beautiful animation work in that film.

Watch their reel! enjoy!

Headless studio reel 2010 from Headless Productions on Vimeo.

And keep up the great work at Headless!!


Bear Film

Calart students create some awesome short films. I really like this film and love the design of it.

a bear film from kris anka on Vimeo.

I remember right after high school I was considering Calarts, at the time I had no idea what I wanted to do really, I just knew I could draw and when I watched those drawings come to life I loved it... I still wonder "what if" at times ... haha. I am very happy and fortunate with the path I have taken, and I'd never change that.

Great job Kris!! Best of luck to you!


No Excuses

I'm starting the Insanity work out tomorrow!

I've been trying to find balance in my life ever since Nov of 09, I've been all out of funk. Last year I was doing yoga constantly, participating in tons of different exercises and working out on a regular basis. I need to get back to doing that and this is my way of starting it. And my way of committing since I'm posting it up; gotta stay accountable :D

My sis has always wanted me to show her how to use weights and work out etc, so I'm going to be doing this with her and it should be really fun I think. I've been slowly writing on my blog about inspirations and keeping motivated (haven't posted any) And I'm going to be turning this blog into more of that and still sharing my art.

My objective is:
·Insanity work out - 60 days - week break
·P90x - 90 days break
·Body for Life 90 days (last year I was doing this and mixing it with my routine)
·Power and strength 8 weeks - break and then I'll mix it up and go back to creating my own routine. :)


Kick A**!

I thought this movie was great! There are some really great interviews with Vaughn, Goldman and others on what it took to get this film to fruition.

Here is a link to a podcast with Jane Goldman: Screenwriter

And here is a decent review at: /slashfilm

What hits home for me, after reading and listening to interviews with the director is that no studio would buy this film. Everyone told them to change the story, wanted characters to be older, etc. etc. And Vaughn had enough and just made it himself!

I just wish I had the funds and extensive network as Vaughn does to do the same thing for my movie instead of running around in circles listening to people who "think" they know what to do. I just want to make MY movie with my team damnit! :)



Okay, I take back my Avatar statement for the use of 3D; Dragons blows it out of the water! Man! huge congrats to everyone over at DW!!

Sean Sexton my class mentor, his shots turned out amazing. And it was soooooo cool to see the shots finalized and lit after visiting and seeing everything last year in the rough blocking stages! I'm going to see this movie again!! I wasn't expecting too much from it, but from friends at DW - I was just hearing this could be the best they've done, better than KFP. Congrats to Luke and Tyler as well!!

And I was hugly impressed with the quality all around. What I enjoyed the most was the cinematography, match cuts were brilliant, use of 3D was so nice!! The flying scenes and the underwater scenes in 3D are very cool. Pacing of the film was great, not a moment dragged. The story development of Hiccup and Toothless was nice, had really nice conflict and turning points!!

Hiccup and his father, man! I loved how far they pushed the dad to just being a complete jerk, but they had some wonderful moments with him and then with the end... money baby!

Also pick up the art of book!! Nico is freaking amazing and I loved looking at

Interviews & great links about the movie:
·Kristof Serrand, Supervising Animator --- I learned from Kristof while I attended Gobelins a few years back, that man is amazing!
·Sabrina Riegel, Supervisor of Surfacing
·Gabe Hordos, Supervising Animator
·Cressida Cowell, head of Character Effects Supervision
·April Knobbe, Matte Painting Supervisor

·AWN Article
·LA Times - Conflict


I'm the Exhale of the Night

Man, time flies! And how lame of me not to post until now!! Been a interesting past couple of months! I'm still cranking animations out at NetDevil.

Close to 5 mins of animation in total, and I've been getting faster! Learning to block in spline mode, no time for stepped. (there is sooo much animation between the 4 main animators at ND - close to 3k if not over) And I've learned to work out of the graph editor for most part. My super limited knowledge on rigging has grown by little bounds, which is good as well.

I'm apart of the LUP team, which is all user generated content that is sent in looking to be optimized, setup and rigged then animated by me! So custom creatures, objects you name it, I've been animating it. It's been extremely fun and difficult at times, some of these characters are only 4 pieces of lego brick. And to get that sucker to read like the animal they want can be hard. But at the same time, it's really pushed me to plan better and become even more creative with such tight limitations.

"Greatness is performing under limitation" - nice quote I heard from a friend that I thought couldn't be more fitting.

·Also I've been working on a new blog for my company along with a website. I thought it was about time I started tracking this journey, covering the last few years, current progress, and as it continues allowing a small window into everything the team and I deal with.

·My team and I have also been working tirelessly on the story for the feature. I will elaborate more on this on my new site. But in about 4-5 days we damn near busted out 500 storyboards. Once we really get going, it is are goal to average 100 drawings a day for the team. Only 3-4 of us right now, and once we hit that bar it will increase even more :D

·Us taking a break to power up ha.

Well even though I'm a few months behind on the HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone's year has treated them well thus far!! And I can't wait for what this year has in store for everyone!

Change always comes bearing gifts. ~Price Pritchett