Okay, I take back my Avatar statement for the use of 3D; Dragons blows it out of the water! Man! huge congrats to everyone over at DW!!

Sean Sexton my class mentor, his shots turned out amazing. And it was soooooo cool to see the shots finalized and lit after visiting and seeing everything last year in the rough blocking stages! I'm going to see this movie again!! I wasn't expecting too much from it, but from friends at DW - I was just hearing this could be the best they've done, better than KFP. Congrats to Luke and Tyler as well!!

And I was hugly impressed with the quality all around. What I enjoyed the most was the cinematography, match cuts were brilliant, use of 3D was so nice!! The flying scenes and the underwater scenes in 3D are very cool. Pacing of the film was great, not a moment dragged. The story development of Hiccup and Toothless was nice, had really nice conflict and turning points!!

Hiccup and his father, man! I loved how far they pushed the dad to just being a complete jerk, but they had some wonderful moments with him and then with the end... money baby!

Also pick up the art of book!! Nico is freaking amazing and I loved looking at

Interviews & great links about the movie:
·Kristof Serrand, Supervising Animator --- I learned from Kristof while I attended Gobelins a few years back, that man is amazing!
·Sabrina Riegel, Supervisor of Surfacing
·Gabe Hordos, Supervising Animator
·Cressida Cowell, head of Character Effects Supervision
·April Knobbe, Matte Painting Supervisor

·AWN Article
·LA Times - Conflict