I'm the Exhale of the Night

Man, time flies! And how lame of me not to post until now!! Been a interesting past couple of months! I'm still cranking animations out at NetDevil.

Close to 5 mins of animation in total, and I've been getting faster! Learning to block in spline mode, no time for stepped. (there is sooo much animation between the 4 main animators at ND - close to 3k if not over) And I've learned to work out of the graph editor for most part. My super limited knowledge on rigging has grown by little bounds, which is good as well.

I'm apart of the LUP team, which is all user generated content that is sent in looking to be optimized, setup and rigged then animated by me! So custom creatures, objects you name it, I've been animating it. It's been extremely fun and difficult at times, some of these characters are only 4 pieces of lego brick. And to get that sucker to read like the animal they want can be hard. But at the same time, it's really pushed me to plan better and become even more creative with such tight limitations.

"Greatness is performing under limitation" - nice quote I heard from a friend that I thought couldn't be more fitting.

·Also I've been working on a new blog for my company along with a website. I thought it was about time I started tracking this journey, covering the last few years, current progress, and as it continues allowing a small window into everything the team and I deal with.

·My team and I have also been working tirelessly on the story for the feature. I will elaborate more on this on my new site. But in about 4-5 days we damn near busted out 500 storyboards. Once we really get going, it is are goal to average 100 drawings a day for the team. Only 3-4 of us right now, and once we hit that bar it will increase even more :D

·Us taking a break to power up ha.

Well even though I'm a few months behind on the HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone's year has treated them well thus far!! And I can't wait for what this year has in store for everyone!

Change always comes bearing gifts. ~Price Pritchett

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