Going out with a bang!

End of the year is wrapping up in the next month and half, and I can't believe how fast time has flown by!

I've been taking Robb Pratt's online storyboarding classes all year. And I remember signing up at the end of February thinking, "I have to wait all year to just get 10 lessons!" Dec 11th will be the last class, and I'm kinda sad it's already over.

I do wish the classes were a bit more one on one with assignments however. I am looking into all the schooling I can get my hands on for storyboarding to take my skills to the next level. There are a couple of places offering classes and videos that I plan to soak up.

CTN Expo. I can't wait for CTN! It's going to be great, lots of great artists will be there and I am super excited to meet a few board artists that I've been following, along with some long time idols like Humberto Ramos!!

this weekend is going to be freaking amazing!!
Safe travels everyone!!


AiC Event talk

I had the pleasure of arranging and setting up a panel talk at the Art Institute of Colorado which took place last night, Nov. 10th. The Alumni coordinator and I have had this in the works for over 2 months now!

A few months back we received a demo reel at work from a current graduate and unfortunately it wasn't very polished and looked very "stock" - meaning it had every class assignment in it and lacked any extra ..... pep.

And I got to thinking, so many of us up at NetDevil graduated around the same time as one another that we were fortunate enough to get an awesome gig soon after graduating. I was wondering why that was, why were we different. Then I thought we should give a talk!!!

Now I've had my problems with the school in the past and I'm still upset to see how things are running at the school, but they have been making BIG improvements!! I know for myself, while I attended I was ALWAYS seeking out mentor-ship and knowledge when I couldn't gain it in the classroom.

And I know for myself if someone from the industry hosted a talk about what to do to get your foot in the door I would have soaked that up!! And that's exactly what I wanted to give to the current students and other Alumni still seeking a gig.

The idea was to host a no holds-barred type of forum and let it be a free for all letting the students ask questions and at the end to receive feedback on their work. I was able to round up some colleagues and had a total of 10 speakers from work to speak. It was fantastic because we an array of experience from Seniors, Leads and jr. artists who have moved on up. And it went extremely well!

I really hope lots of students took away nuggets of good information from us all. And I want to thank Shandra and AiC for hosting us. If I get the opportunity to do another talk I would be more than grateful too.

Remember to keep the dream alive and never let anything get in your way from achieving your dreams!


Nov. the Great

Nov. is going to be a great freaking month!

1. CTN Expo - boom! I can't wait, JBL and I are going to have blast.
2. 4th month of swing dancing
  • Toy Story 3 on DVD - I've already devoured all the extras and going through the extra commentaries. :D
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World comes out on DVD next week!! Such an underrated movie, and it's unfortunate it didn't do so well in the theater. But I hope it sees a long life on DVD.
  • And movies releasing in the theaters - Megamind, 127 Hours, Due Date, My Dog Tulip, Harry Potter, Tangled, Black Swan, Faster and Monsters should be playing at a local cinema!
4. Family time - Thanksgiving is coming up, and my family unfortunately is getting smaller each year so it makes harder but makes it much more meaningful for us to come together. Also a reminder to be thankful for the friends I still have and the new friendships I'm building.
5. Life Drawing
6. Giving a speech at the Art Institute of Colorado with my colleagues from Netdevil, should be a fun time.