Nov. the Great

Nov. is going to be a great freaking month!

1. CTN Expo - boom! I can't wait, JBL and I are going to have blast.
2. 4th month of swing dancing
  • Toy Story 3 on DVD - I've already devoured all the extras and going through the extra commentaries. :D
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World comes out on DVD next week!! Such an underrated movie, and it's unfortunate it didn't do so well in the theater. But I hope it sees a long life on DVD.
  • And movies releasing in the theaters - Megamind, 127 Hours, Due Date, My Dog Tulip, Harry Potter, Tangled, Black Swan, Faster and Monsters should be playing at a local cinema!
4. Family time - Thanksgiving is coming up, and my family unfortunately is getting smaller each year so it makes harder but makes it much more meaningful for us to come together. Also a reminder to be thankful for the friends I still have and the new friendships I'm building.
5. Life Drawing
6. Giving a speech at the Art Institute of Colorado with my colleagues from Netdevil, should be a fun time.

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