"Student of the Year"!!!!

O MAN!!!

I cannot, cannot believe I was selected as one of the students of the year! I feel so honored and privileged to even have won this! I'm freaking grinning ear to ear, and haven't stopped since I opened the letter from the mail!

My letter says:

Dear Toby:

Congratulations! You have been selected to receive the 2007 Colorado Private School Association's "Student of the Year" award in the category of "Art & Design".

And goes on and on, there were different categories for different students all over Colorado. The Ceremony is September 13th 07!! I will post some photos up from the ceremony when it comes. I really can't stop smiling for some reason right now, and am so excited to meet the other students as well!

**EDIT**: (Small update here)
Location: The Denver Newspaper Agency, 101 W. Colfax Avenue, Denver, Co
When: 9:15 AM

if there are any questions please email me.


Siggraph 07

This year I decided to go to L.A. first and maybe visit a few studios before we went down to San Diego. Anh and Samson went with, we showed up in LA on Sunday, and we drove out, the drive wasn't to bad. Since Samson and Anh and never been to LA we went and walked around Hollywood area, and they got to see the Chinese Theatre. We also went into Ripley's Believe it or not museum, which was a lot of fun.

Well another year of Siggraph has come and gone, this year it went by WAY to fast!

Just last year I learned a great deal about animation I wasn't being taught at my school and ended up going back to my school and starting a revolution and opening peoples eyes to really start getting out in the CG community and learn!

Out of the two of my good friends I decided to stay and finish, but I've been enrolled to Animation Mentor now for a while and will be starting in Oct. So I can't even wait! I was able to talk to Bobby Beck again, and Shawn Kelly for a bit, I can't even explain how great the AM community is.

(oh and here is a pic of Spike tackling me!! )

Anyway back to Siggraph, this year was a lot of fun and very busy, I hardly walked the main floor, I was mostly in classes or watching the theatres this year. While I was on the floor I stopped by the Animation Mentor Cafe which was very impressive. I enjoyed the Disney Interactive and played the new Turok coming out, played with a touch screen that's like on Minority Report

Besides running around at the convention center the parties I did attend were fun and made some new contacts and friends.

On Thursday, the show was pretty much wrapped up for the most part and my friends and I went on a VIP tour of the Animal Park, that was extremely fun! we took lots of reference photos and videos, we learned about some different animals and even did some sketching.

I didn't take this photo but Autodesk held a party on here and it was pretty awesome

Here is one of all of us that made it to the party