Femme Fatale

I joined a friends online sketching group and this is my submission for last week.

I'm finally getting around to contributing! I kinda took a different approach from the entry title, she's just so deadly without even trying. :P

Unrelated note, I bought the 4 disc pack of Tangled, I was super excited to get it! I popped it in so I could geek out on the special features and there ARE NONE!! what crap. Not even a directors commentary. Man I hate when movies don't have any decent features.

I was able to learn more about the film when I attended CTN last year. I really hope this doesn't become a trend for Disney, in about 3 years I bet they will "re-release" it from the VAULT and it will have 2 extra things on it. grr. waste of money man!


Slumdog pt. 1

I've decided to create a schedule practicing my story skills and this small update is to show that. My day consists of reading story structure, cinematography, composition and perspective books. After that I'll watch a movie and storyboard out my favorite scenes or sequences, and try and figure out why I like it. Then practice my screenplay writing and just for fun write a short story.

This started as doodles of my favorite shots, then it turned into drawing out the entire Amitabh sequence - I really like this sequence because it displays Jamal's character very well. He's willing to do anything to get what we wants, which foreshadows the rest of the movie. I like the setup.
slumdog millionaire pt.1
I plan to board out other sequeneces of the film - and start breaking down shots with camera movement, one movie that I really enjoyed for the pacing was Unstoppable. I'd like to break that movie apart ... maybe that will be next week :P


(notes on) biology

This little short is way too cool to pass up and not share with everyone! It was posted on Cartoon Brew last week but I freaking love it. So many of my own school books were filled up with doodles like this.

The short was created by Danny Madden, Jonathan Silva and Will Madden also known as Ornana Films. Enjoy!


Jamie Oliver's TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food

Last year I watched Jamie struggle to show American's the importance of healthy eating, now he is finally being recognized for his work. Feed your brain and watch this, share it, and start making a difference.

I'm also glad to see ABC investing with another show for him. Over the last couple of years I've been striving to make bigger and bigger changes with my diet and this year will mark the change for good. I've been learning to cook and surrounding myself with great people who share the same beliefs.

If anyone who reads this would like to start making a change, please watch Food Matters, Food Inc, The Future of Food, and a Beautiful Truth. Just as a kick starter to start fueling your brain with some nuggets of info you may not have heard of.

THEN go and research, don't take everything you hear as pure truth, it's up to the individual to do their homework and research, then make the best decisions. I am shifting my outlooks to all natural all raw foods so I can stay as healthy as possible, this will take time and will not happen over night, but it's an investment I believe in.

knowledge is power, so eat up. :D



TED prize winner 2011


1 week later

Well, a week has passed since being laid off and I have a new Portfolio!

400+ drawings and wham-o!! :D I still need to polish some things, but I'll be posting to get some feedback and start making revisions!

Looking forward to this weekend! I'll get some rock climbing in, maybe a yoga class and go watch Rango, gonna be great!