Slumdog pt. 1

I've decided to create a schedule practicing my story skills and this small update is to show that. My day consists of reading story structure, cinematography, composition and perspective books. After that I'll watch a movie and storyboard out my favorite scenes or sequences, and try and figure out why I like it. Then practice my screenplay writing and just for fun write a short story.

This started as doodles of my favorite shots, then it turned into drawing out the entire Amitabh sequence - I really like this sequence because it displays Jamal's character very well. He's willing to do anything to get what we wants, which foreshadows the rest of the movie. I like the setup.
slumdog millionaire pt.1
I plan to board out other sequeneces of the film - and start breaking down shots with camera movement, one movie that I really enjoyed for the pacing was Unstoppable. I'd like to break that movie apart ... maybe that will be next week :P

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