(Animatic) Susan B. Anthony’s address to Judge Ward Hunt reaches across time to women and men today, calling them to unite and continue the fight for equal rights."

Created by Michal Finegold and Toby Cochran.

Finally submitted are entry for the contest! Click here to watch and vote!!

Competition is going to be stiff on this, there are some really nice pieces that have entered! Good luck to everyone!!


History Channel Contest

Quick update!!

Finished another rough pass of the animatic and showed it to Michal! She loved it! So awesome, pumped out a lot of work in the last couple days! And it's great to know this is what she had envisioned! And is diggin' a few of the ideas I added.

Going to press on, and we set a goal of Sunday for us to turn it in!

That gives us two days before deadline and will allow some folks to vote on it! Will post the animatic come Sunday!

onto v.5~!!

update~~!!! It's 4:24 am Aug 30th!! Finished up on some work, going to check in with Michal in the morning - double check some stuff then submit!!! Animatic will be up soon for voting!! :D


Calm before the storm

Exciting news! I am teaming up with Michal Finegold and we are entering the AniBoom History Channel Contest!!

Michal was in need of a storyboard artist, so I offered my services!! :) I met Michal during Siggraph of 08, she is a power house to reckon with!! And I'm stoked to be working with her finally.

We don't have much time before the deadline (next week) But we will be cranking tons of work out the rest of this week and get it posted for everyone to see!!

WE will need all the help we can for voting and such! So please be sure to check it out once we get it posted!! I am going all out on this one ... so check back in a few days to see what what we've done in less than 2 weeks.



RIP Grandpa

On August 14th, 09 my grandfather past away. I wanted to share a drawing I did of him a few years back done in charcoal.

And here is a photo of me and the family at thanksgiving of 08.

After that, he became sick and I wasn't able to go out and visit him with the family due to work and school. Which was really making me feel horrible inside. But back in June during my last week of school we got a phone call saying he wasn't doing well, so I jumped in the car and headed back to Kansas with my dad.

Ended up missing my last week of school and such, but I was able to see my grandpa. That was the last time I saw him, and I'm thankful I jumped in the car and went to go see him.

My sister is going to make a cool collage on a canvas so when she gets that done I will post that up here sometime!

Love ya gramps!