2 Years ago

Two years ago today I attended my first workshop at Animation Collaborative. Unsure what to expect, I knew I had to bust my ass if I wanted to survive in this new location. I quickly realized how freaking talented the artists in the Bay Area were.  I've always been competitive, no matter if it's entering an ice cream eating contest, running obstacle courses or trying to be the 'best' in school. Over the years I've grown to allow my competitive nature help inspire me and not defeat me when difficult times arise.

It was my goal to hopefully build a new circle of friends as I moved out here not knowing anyone. I left everyone I cared about back home in Colorado. I was motivated to learn as much as I could and promised myself to have fun while doing it! I had something to prove, I told myself I would not be returning home. I would either make it happen or die, and I was willing to do whatever it took to stay out here and stay inspired. I welcomed failure with arms wide open, lowered my head and kept moving forward. If I had to get a job at a coffee shop I would, manuel labor jobs again, fine, customer service jobs, so be it. I was going to stay... no matter what.

I've been very fortunate to meet some incredible people along my journey since September 2011 and to this very day. I'm thankful for the friends I've made.

And to celebrate and say thank you to my first class I've created this little video. Enjoy!

Along with my first class of badasses I would like to thank everyone else whom I've met along my way. Thank you for being you and thanks for being so damn awesome.

Now back to creating more awesome stuff, this is just the beginning!


Fired UP!

As I mentioned that this blog would remain solely for writing, helping others, or just a place that other artists could come and possibly see some of the struggles I've gone through thus far in my career. The goal? To potentially connect with people and let them know / feel that they are not alone in their struggles.

I haven't blogged in a while, I know. But I just came back from Siggraph and I'm so freaking amped up on incredible energy I am fired up to start writing again.

I find that the energy one can gain from a great experience is very important to save and "use". Siggraph was over a week ago and I'm still riding on my energy buzz. The take away? Apply it before you lose it!

Anyways, I'm writing this as a way to hold myself accountable to post more. Starting with Siggraph 2013!


Claire & the Keys

I want to present everyone with ANOTHER Kickstarter campaign!! This time from my very close friend John B. Ludwick! This has been a passion project as I have been by Ludwick's side since the inception that long walk back in LA, late one night.

Ludwick and I have pitched to Disney, tackled some monster mayhem burgers in CO, storyboarded an entire feature film in a week and were in Animation Mentor together back in 2007. He's been a big part of my success, he's been instrumental in my life as a collaborator and a great friend.


And I'm pleased as a peach to help him make his dream into a reality, and it's been incredible watching this story progress. That's why I'm asking all my comrades to help!

On Claire & the Keys my roles have been to serve as story supervisor; I've helped a bit on storyboards here and there, and tightened continuity with each new edit. After MANY, many, many late nights talking, writing, drawing the characters, their backstory, and going rounds and rounds over the development of the short film, it's finally on it's way to be completed.

If anyone deserves it, it's Ludwick. So I'm asking all my fellow animators, artists, friends and anyone who loves music to help donate or spread the word by sharing and liking the page! Thanks for reading, thanks for watching and thanks for the help!  Pledge here


SanFranLand Success

I'm super excited to post that SanFranLand has successfully become funded!! We not only reached our goal but raised a couple extra thousand! Woot! Congrats to the entire SFL crew and cast!!

I want to share a couple of links as we've been featured on some really cool sites!! If you have time please vote for us :D

Vote for us on INDIEWIRE!
Fun interview w/ the Director & Producers! Examiner

cool art work created by John Hoffman

We had our first crew meeting the other night, and you could feel the energy in the room! Most of us hadn't seen one other since our last film shoot in December. So it was great to get moving on the project again.

And again, thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. We have two weeks left of filming and it's going to be intense but fun! Oh, and check out our facebook page! Give us a LIKE! :P


Respect Yourself

And respect others in the industry.

Stephen Sliver just released a video encouraging artists to stop wasting their time and energy by creating art for free. I love it.

Back in Colorado I struggled running my own company, I took on a lot of odd and end gigs but they were all paid. I always ran into individuals or organizations that wouldn't pay me industry standard wages or what I felt I was worth. And I would always walk away. I learned the hard way, and I learned very quickly. (except for my tv series project - but that's another story for another time.)

Anyways, watch the video, it's worth your time. Thanks Stephen.


Marat is going to Disney!

My friend and old roommate Marat Davletshin has just accepted a full-time job as an animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios! He'll be joining an incredible crew and one of my good friends Hobbie!

Check out Marat's demo reel below.

I put together a little going away party for Marat over the weekend in Berkeley and it was great fun. A lot of the original Animation Collaborative crew came out to celebrate. We were only missing 3 people from our Gesture Drawing class! And to get the night going we had vodka and pickles, just how they do it back home in Russia. :P


Support SanFranLand on Kickstarter!

I've been helping out on a lot projects over the last year or two and this year those projects will see the light of day! 3 of those projects will be releasing their own Kickstarter campaigns, one of them has just realsed!

Please take the time to check it out and of course if you can support us that would be fantastic!

I've been storyboarding and helping out on set for SanFranLand, and it's been great being around so many talented and motivated individuals.

I only have a handful of hours before shooting so I draw with a sharpie cranking out as much as I can.