Claire & the Keys

I want to present everyone with ANOTHER Kickstarter campaign!! This time from my very close friend John B. Ludwick! This has been a passion project as I have been by Ludwick's side since the inception that long walk back in LA, late one night.

Ludwick and I have pitched to Disney, tackled some monster mayhem burgers in CO, storyboarded an entire feature film in a week and were in Animation Mentor together back in 2007. He's been a big part of my success, he's been instrumental in my life as a collaborator and a great friend.


And I'm pleased as a peach to help him make his dream into a reality, and it's been incredible watching this story progress. That's why I'm asking all my comrades to help!

On Claire & the Keys my roles have been to serve as story supervisor; I've helped a bit on storyboards here and there, and tightened continuity with each new edit. After MANY, many, many late nights talking, writing, drawing the characters, their backstory, and going rounds and rounds over the development of the short film, it's finally on it's way to be completed.

If anyone deserves it, it's Ludwick. So I'm asking all my fellow animators, artists, friends and anyone who loves music to help donate or spread the word by sharing and liking the page! Thanks for reading, thanks for watching and thanks for the help!  Pledge here

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