Well well...

I did not! May I repeat DID NOT expect to feel like this ever again! My experience at Gobelins was a once in a life time experience and I ate it up every second. And the people I attended that school with... well scared the crap out of me. Because they were so talented and so amazing at what they did. Not only were they all great artists but all had great hearts and I got along with them all!

So I was very intimidated by them and felt in like I was way behind them all, which was a great thing for me, because it motivated me to work even harder than before.

Since joining AM I have felt the exact same as I did in France. Once again I am not only surrounded by the best of the best, but the energy and motivation is out of this world. I am again surrounded by people from all over this planet, and it feels great! I'm not here to be the best or be number one to show them all up. Because quite honestly that could never happen! I'm here to learn from the best and I'm surrounded by the best who are just as hungry as I am to learn!

I am already so thankful for the Mentor I have and my classmates are the best classmates I could ever ask for! If I honestly ever have a bad day again... all I have to do is sign on to the campus and just start talking to my classmates. This vibe... this core energy... this is the up most, absolute, synergy of positivity and its untouchable and this is what I'm all about! And no one can take that away from us!

Here are a few of my sketches, we had to go out and draw from life and pick a pose and re-create it with Stu..


And here is the Stu pose: **small fixes thanks to my critique from my Mentor

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