Life Drawing Jan 29th

Finally made it back to a class! Enjoyed seeing some familiar faces and drew a new model who was quite good at posing. I always enjoy models who take posing seriously - just helps.

Next time I'll get there in time for the fun gesture work!


Dr. Sketchey's Jan.

It's been a while since attending a Dr. Sketchey's event and even longer since sitting down and practicing some life drawing.

I was extremely slow and rusty, the event this month was an ode to the pinup - so much fun and I wasn't fast enough! haha. next time.


I want I want

quit bitching and just do it, you have people around you that are supportive and investing good energy into your well being - what more could you ask for?

If you want to find love, first try and love yourself. Change comes from within, and if you truly want to change something it wont happen unless you want it. If you want to be the best animator, then quit talking and do it. Doesn't matter what school you go to, find the help you need, there are more resources than ever to study. If you want to be in better shape because you are tired of looking down and not seeing your toes, then you have to WANT it. No amount of complaining will make your waist size go down.

No amount of self pity posts you make one facebook will make someone like you. You think people like being around someone who just brings everyone down in any decent situation?

Maybe you don't like working out or whatever, but guess what!? It will add years to your life, and you will start to feel better; emotionally, physically and mentally. You will gain that confidence you want, so you can talk to that girl you are scared of talking to. To many times we all make up excuses, I can't talk to her, I'm too fat, she wouldn't go for a guy like me. I can't work there, only the best of the best can work there. Well what's stopping you from being the best? ... no one... but you.

I write this because I'm tired of seeing my facebook updates of peoples new years resolutions and already DAY 2! People are making excuses. Try making smaller changes and just build on top of the progress you make, take small steps to get to your ultimate goal. AND guess what! It's not going to be easy, if you want to be healthier or a better artist, it takes time and patience...and YOU have to put in the time, no one else can do it for you. Start investing in yourself.

Happy New Years everyone! And remember your life wont change until you change.

Best wishes for 2011.