RIP Grandpa

On August 14th, 09 my grandfather past away. I wanted to share a drawing I did of him a few years back done in charcoal.

And here is a photo of me and the family at thanksgiving of 08.

After that, he became sick and I wasn't able to go out and visit him with the family due to work and school. Which was really making me feel horrible inside. But back in June during my last week of school we got a phone call saying he wasn't doing well, so I jumped in the car and headed back to Kansas with my dad.

Ended up missing my last week of school and such, but I was able to see my grandpa. That was the last time I saw him, and I'm thankful I jumped in the car and went to go see him.

My sister is going to make a cool collage on a canvas so when she gets that done I will post that up here sometime!

Love ya gramps!


Jonathan Grimm said...

My grandpa also died this year. My deepest condolences.

TheZealot said...

My sincerest tear for you, man. It's good you got a picture of the whole fam, with him included.
BTW, Whose side of the family is the tiger on? :)