Austin Film Fest

This is my first time at a film festival, and the overwhelming feeling I have feels just like the feeling I had when I attended my first Siggraph show. I feel a bit out of my element, but I share a common dominator with other artists here. We love film.

And after sitting in my first writing panel I may be one of a few storyboard artists here... I need to capitalize on that and see if I can't meet/ make some new friends!!

And I have verbal confirmation that my stubbornness has been rightfully so, the past few years of not breaking my rules just to create a film. Every freaking thing I've been striving and preaching about is truth as I've just been hearing, and from "A-list" studios. This is very reassuring.

It's time to move on and take my game to the next level. Excited, I am hungry to already get back to work after only a day, and can't wait for what lies ahead of me!

more to come from the festival when I get back home.

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