I heart Cintiq

Man, I was struggling on my 4X5 wacom to finish up the rest of my animation for the commercial, and I decided to go into work and use a friends Cintiq. After two full days of grinding I was still not finished, a friend of mine was nice enough to let me borrow his personal Cintiq to use at home and I was able to finish!

AND man! I don't know how I've been completing work without one! They are so freaking nice! I was actually looking at buying my buddies but I just recently dropped a ton of money on my car so am gonna have to let it pass!

Luckly though, I have learned my lesson and know the style of the next animation and will be better planned ahead of time so it wont be as difficult. Hardest part on the last one, was 3 characters and staging. Clean up went smoothly using the cintiq as well, so nice working on one.

I also worked a bit on my starry night painting that is posted here, I should only have about 8-10 hrs of work left on that, then I'll post an update. Oh and I wont be able to show any of my work from the commercials until November 5th! So stay tuned.

I will also be giving a talk down at the Art Institute of Colorado on November 10th. I've been in talks with the school about setting up an event and I've rounded up some colleagues from work and we are all going to be sharing some insight. The goal is to go down and have a no holds barred type of forum, we are running with the title: "Your Degree, Reality, & You."

We want to be as open and honest to the students as possible! Should make for a fun evening. Next time I post, I'll post some artwork instead of just boring text! :)

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yums said...

Hey dude, some of my friends went and got a refurbished Cintiq for about $1500 and they are as good as a brand new one which usually sell for $2000. Just letting you know cuz many people forget refurbished is sometimes a good option too :) They got theirs from www.coolgraphicstuff.com