2D Animation

I decided to pick up some last minute freelance to help pay for some upcoming trips I'll be taking in the coming months. And I should have known better haha. But so far it has been fun, and I need reevaluate on how I can execute all the work needing to be finished.

I have just finished roughing out 36 seconds of animation in 6 days, working part-time. Now, I need to cleanup & finalize the characters in Illustrator and import them over into Flash to polish.

Then I can move onto the next commercial. This work is a lot more than I intended it to be, for the next commercial I will keep a big sign hanging overhead that reads "MOVING ILLUSTRATIONS ONLY" instead of animating things out. Because the turn around time for 30 seconds is so freaking tight it's not worth killing myself over this.

I will post some w.i.p. when allowed! And hopefully I will get out and enjoy the sun sometime today!!

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