Busy, busy.

that's how I like it.

However, I might not have any hair left at the end of June. haha. I will soon be in crunch at work to finish support for the online teams I help. I have 2 freelance projects, entering a contest and finishing some things for my feature film.

Biggest issue for me is making sure I stay on point for keeping some balance mixed in all this! It's finally summer time and I don't want to be hunched over my computer through out the day and night. Which means, I need to work much, much smarter and faster.

One decent habit I've been trying to pick up is on my time management. Instead of multi-tasking only giving __% to 5 different things, I'm giving 100% to just one for a set period of time. I have downloaded some digital timers to help me. If I only have one hour to paint, then I have to accomplish as much as I can during that time! Same for blogging or suffering the net ;)

And I have to say it's really helping, especially at work. I know this may sound strange, but I work extremely well on tight deadlines, so when I have a timer in the corner of my eye, it adds that extra bit of push and pressure for me. Odd, I know. But hey, if you can find something that works, stick with it and bust your butt! :D


JDireen said...

You should check out Jason Schleifer's blog. He's been posting all week about this stuff :)


Toby Cochran said...

Whoa, very cool. I will have to give that a go! At work I try and only check my email 3 times only.

With leaving it on, getting that small window every few mins is distracting. If it's SUPER important I just ask them to grab me and I keep up on when meeting times are so I don't need the "reminder".

I like what Jason was talking about for his gmail as well! Thanks James!