No Excuses

I'm starting the Insanity work out tomorrow!

I've been trying to find balance in my life ever since Nov of 09, I've been all out of funk. Last year I was doing yoga constantly, participating in tons of different exercises and working out on a regular basis. I need to get back to doing that and this is my way of starting it. And my way of committing since I'm posting it up; gotta stay accountable :D

My sis has always wanted me to show her how to use weights and work out etc, so I'm going to be doing this with her and it should be really fun I think. I've been slowly writing on my blog about inspirations and keeping motivated (haven't posted any) And I'm going to be turning this blog into more of that and still sharing my art.

My objective is:
·Insanity work out - 60 days - week break
·P90x - 90 days break
·Body for Life 90 days (last year I was doing this and mixing it with my routine)
·Power and strength 8 weeks - break and then I'll mix it up and go back to creating my own routine. :)

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