The Monk and the Monkey

This is a really nice film by Francesco Giroldini and Brendan Carroll - I am curious if Ringling is allowing students to team up now? It seems if this was the first pair that did so the quality has improved greatly. I would even compare it to some group efforts by Gobelins students.

I really enjoy the music in this short film along with the lighting! It's obvious A LOT of time was spent on this, the character designs, textures, camera and the animation are all really polished as well. Great job and best of luck to you guys!!


Andy Mason! said...

kind of interesting to think that it would be limited to only one person per project to begin with, since animation is such a collaborative art form. it seems like the ability to work on projects with other animators would be a positive thing to show off in a grad project, in my opinion.

Toby Cochran said...

Yeah I know they all help each other out while in classes but they are required to do their own short films. This was the first time I have seen two names from a Ringling short.

We kinda had a decent experience like that while I was AiC. if they knew their stuff they would make the course 6 months and not 3 to create a short film.