Dream Train

You ever had a wild dream? Well, almost all of my dreams are like Michael Bay films - Freaking crazy! Crap exploding, crazy camera angles, lens flares, gun battles, I try and save a bus full of kids, whatever. A lot of the times I will dream situations, and pause it in the dream. If something happens in it, I will rewind it, and play it back for a new outcome.

I try and recorded them by writing them down or drawing out what happened.

Well a couple nights ago I had a pretty wild dream and I thought I'd share a part of it with everyone.
**warning - may be a wee bit graphic**

let me know what ya think!

This took me about 3 days to complete and another half day for music and tweaking. The hardest part was getting the exact images from my brain to my pencil. The 1st day I drew tons of thumbnails and finally had to go look up some reference. All and all this was great practice! 


Travis_Robert_McCoy said...

Thanks for sharing. Seems like a spooky dream, but I enjoyed your telling of it. I like your shot composition, and key poses.

Daniele said...

That was great!

Larry said...

Looking good buddy! Well it is great shot sequence you have, but to develop it further, heres my suggestion ( even though it didn't happen this way in the dream ) With the guy falling from the plane and hitting the train, theres a touch of a reality stretch... but heres where you turn that into a strength.. While the guy is crawling on the side ofhte plane, right before he gets nailed with the knife, you suggest some kind of super natural power or such that he has. Bend the ordinary world right there. As he's falling, this power takes hold and attracts him to the train. Maybe the train is some sort of beacon for him, a repository of his strength so to say.. maybe the train is his Lazerous where he wakes up after he dies... who knows, beats the sequences from groundhog day where he wakes up in his bed ;)

Toby Cochran said...

Thanks for the comments Travis and Daniele!!

And Larry thanks buddy!! I dig the idea of the super natural power - You ever watched the film Paprika? It could be fun to explore this more!

Meredith said...

What a fantastic idea animating out your dreams! Though this one looked more like a nightmare. I hate falling in my dreams.

I find dreams very interesting. Make more of these! thanks :)

Toby Cochran said...

Thanks Mere! Fortunately / unfortunately almost all my dreams are like this - most times anyways.

And I am thinking this will be great practice for becoming a stronger story artist. I just hope what I'm doing will set me the right track!

I had a great dream the other night, nice camera setup and all - I'm trying to figure out how to make the content PG-13 friendly!! lol