The History of Lego Universe

If you enjoy LEGO you should watch this little video. It brings back a lot of fun memories working with everyone on Lego Universe. There was a large pool of talent under that roof and I had a lot of fun working on the game.

"video has been removed from user"

I'm sad to see that the game couldn't just accept the free-for-play and let the community still enjoy the game. I put in a little over a year and a half working on the game but there were some who had been there since the first pitch! Around 5 years of blood, sweat and tears were poured into that project.

Thought I'd post some photos :)

We had the 2nd largest collection of Lego bricks in the world

 Getting ready for the Xmas party!

this was my ride until I crashed. Then I bought a ripstick

2 fast...

During a BBQ I think...photo by: Sergey

My first year I took 2nd place for the Halloween Costume party, 2nd year we owned it.

This will be a nice little gem to reflect on.

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