The Doodlenauts & The Lego Movie

The 1st Doodlenuats event was a great success! 

Overcast skies, gusty winds and lots of rain forced me to change the meetup location from Chinatown to doodling inside the Westfield Mall. Which worked out great, we had plenty of people to draw, lots to eat and we were nice and dry!

you can check out some of my doodles HERE. 

I want to thank those who came out just to say hello and make an appearance for the event! I really appreciated that.

Like I've mentioned this event is for everyone! Evan came out and took photographs, a couple engineers came out to draw, one of them contemplated to start coding on his game! And a handful of new faces joined us. 

My friend made a great comment about explaining what The Doodlenauts is all about. "It's like Planet Fitness, but for your drawings."

I love that haha. If you don't get the reference, then let me explain a wee bit. Planet Fitness is a simple gym, anyone can get a membership and not worry about being judge. Same principle applies with Doodlenauts, no judgement, all levels of artistic ability are welcome.

We then attended The Lego Movie. And it was hilarious! Such a fun movie, loved the style, solid story. The directors have produced nothing but great entertaining movies, I hope if they have a sequel that the original crew comes back. 

After the film, some of us went for drinks and called it a night! I had a great time and I will let everyone know about the next event in March! 

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