Wowzers I'm way behind on keeping this updated!

So its week 9 already over at AM!!! how crazy is that! I'm learning so much it feels like I'm starting to ooze out the ears with info! Not only that but I can easliy get caught up in the site looking at others work or blogs or whatever!

Aside from AM work I've been super busy with side projects and freelance!
Here are a couple of different pieces. The bodybuilding one is for an up and coming professional, Dylan Armbrust. I'm also working on one for his wife, Heather Armbrust as well.

And the Roller girl one is for a friend on a league here in Colorado her team name is Ho J Simpson, which is a fun name and I was able to play around a bit with the design elements. I have her sitting on that same white bronco and shes holding a knife and wearing those gloves and yes these ones do fit lol.

I will post up some of my latest work from AM very soon!!


Ryan Hobbiebrunken said...

hahaha that's awesome! Sweet stuff man.

Samson said...

Whoa! Haha. You know that woman? Thats some crazy muscle. Nice designs man. Very cool. I forgot you could draw anymore. Very clean and professional. Later.