CTNx 2011

The CTN Expo flew by yet again this year. I had a great time and it was truly awesome to help and see my buddies, Danny Wise and Zach Stark have a booth this year. We all learned a lot for next year and they received a lot of great feedback and response to their work. 

The guys in action with their booth all setup! 

I didn't realize until now the lack of photos this year and the ones I do have aren't that great! Next time. :) I also want to apologize for not being able to hang out with some friends I originally planned on seeing! I received notice for a last minute interview on Saturday and busted out a quick portfolio Fri night/ Sat morning. 

It feels very good to know the work I've been busting my butt for at AnimC is paying off, makes me want to push even harder now. And about half of the Story class from AnimC received fantastic feedback as well! We all have been kicking some major tail, so it's great to hear the positive feedback. It would be so cool to work with everyone from class one day! 

For next year I'm considering a booth, I'm not really sure what I would showcase but I'm toying with the idea for now. I also ran into a couple friends I attended Gobelins with back in 2007, it was freaking awesome to see them and catch up! And just seeing Danny and Zach at their own table was a great feeling for me, I'm really proud of them.

I want to thank everyone that took the time to check out my work, and wish everyone safe travels back home! I'll update more once I get back home and eat a big fat turkey!! 

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Hey guys, thanks for coming to CTNx 2011. What did you like best about your visit? ~Tina Price founder of CTN