Contour Practice

Part of our homework in class is to practice contour drawings, I wanted to share some of my recent drawings. 

When I first started drawing contours weeks ago I never imagined the lines actually forming something that's recognizable. 
I'm always drawing on the Bart and it's been great being able to quickly draw someone without the back and forth of looking at the person and my sketchbook. Once I'm finished I'll go back over it and plus the drawing.

I would like to get to the point where I am making these drawings ooze with appeal and push the caricature of them. And as I continue I want to start making each image say something and not just copy what I'm seeing. Push more story elements into each image. Two weeks ago we practiced a continuous contour study (not sure if that's the correct term) But the model would be moving and we would copy the poses as the model moved. The image below is another practice at the same technique while at CTN. 

And since being back home I quickly drew my dad to show him that I'm not looking at the paper while drawing and fortunately it turned out somewhat decent and looked like him! 

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