Fall AnimC Classes End

Man does time fly. I can't believe how fast the last 3 months have gone by, I've just been trying to hold on for the ride. I feel like some of my hard work is paying off, and that was reaffirmed at CTN. Even though I'm not going to have my "One Million" website I'm still pushing to crank out drawings and kill as many sketchbooks as I can. 

Something that has really helped me start to "see" instead of copy what I'm seeing has been a lot of blind contour drawings. Here is one below. 

It's so nice and quick that I can get the foundation for whatever I'm trying to draw, especially with a crowd or story type of drawing. Which is the next phase I need to develop. I feel like I've lost some of my own creative mojo to just draw whatever I want from my head, and have been only drawing what is in front of me. I think once I can get to a certain level of drawing what I want, how I want, it will become easier to draw things from my head. 

Below is a photo I took right before my last pitch in Story class. I was over the assignment by 200 boards, but I didn't know what else to do except draw my butt off and have things thrown out after the pitch. We were asked to adapt a Grimm's fairy tale and I picked the harder of the two stories. It was great to see Gio's and Jett's stories as well since they were the only others to have picked the same story. We all struggled in the same area. And I'd like to reboard everything and polish it for an animatic.

 Dan pitching on the last night. He had some of the craziest and coolest ideas for stories! I hope to work with him and everyone in the class one day.

And this is the Fall Gesture Class - we became a very tight group of friends over the course I hope to have more experiences like this class in the future.

After every gesture class we would all try and go have dinner together at Can't Fail.

Now that Classes are over, I will be able to update more. Stay tuned!

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