AnimC Gesture Class

This is only a small taste of all the work I'm doing for Gesture class. This past week we had to make Ecorche studies, which was a lot of fun. And every day I'm drawing about 15-18 pages, that includes journal sketches, which is finding a photo from an event in the news. 
I'm also trying to get better at drawing faces and drawing period. Thus creating the 1 million drawings blog, I'm pumping out so many drawings now that I'm extremely behind on uploading. Maybe once I get a break for Thanksgiving I'll finally update.

I'm also working on a "Art of me" FB page that will include all the artwork I've created over the years.

-Oh ya, and I hope my friends don't mind me drawing them from FB! :P It's been great practice so far.


blake said...

Looking good man, I've been doing quite a bit of drawing lately as well! keep rockin away!

Toby Cochran said...

Good for you man, :) it's so fun drawing again everyday.

Cristin McKee said...

This is awesome! Rock on, Toby.