My last Painting & Bieber

I was going through my images and realized I had captured a few pictures of a painting I completed as a birthday present. It's funny, I finished this just 3 days before my computer crashed and thank goodness I was able to send this off to print!

I was able to snag a groupon deal earlier this year for Picaboo. Nice little site, even though they have a limited selection on canvas prints I was able to format the image to fit decently and I thought the print turned out great!

And here are a couple art tests I completed for a new game studio here in SF.

I also want to plug my ONE MILLION! site, which is underway along with getting my drawings uploaded. I'll soon be posting my first hundred pages! I'm still settling in and trying to wrestle my schedule for finding time to make my meals for the week and I need to find a gym. Every weekend the AnimC crew meets up for a SketchCrawl on Sunday. This past weekend we went to the Golden Gate Park I'll make sure I post some drawings and pics. Stay Tuned.

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James Direen said...

Great Stuff Toby! Always fun to see what you're up to. Inspires me to update my blog one of these days...