Small Break

Hey all, well its been forever since I've updated this blog. (I'm not very good at posting stuff)

Life has been so crazy I rarely find my way outside to see the sunlight it feels. Things with the cartoon show have been progressing very nicely and now final negotiations will be taking place for distribution in other countries like France and Canada.

How exciting is that? It feels great to know all this hard work is starting to pay off some, but the adventure is just starting so there will be many more weeks with no sleep.

The past 3 weeks, from May 12-31st have been a test of what is to come. My team and I were working 18-23 plus hour days. Some days not even sleeping, we have been busy to say the least! :)

At the same time my Animation Mentor homework has been slipping. This term has been very hard for me. Not only because of all the work but because of random unforseen events like a bunch of medical/ health issues and my computer just crapping out on me for 3 weeks.

I feel I should of taking the quarter off, because I haven't been able to put in the time that is needed. I can't expect to be doing decent work when I'm only working on my animation one day a week. Usually its on a Sat and I will work 14 hrs straight to do all my work and turn in my h/w and go to bed after.

But I will be taking the summer term off and hopefully get some things cleared and come back ready to kick butt.

I will still be animating, mostly on the teaser for the show. We will be animating a minute and a half under 2 weeks so the pressure will be on.

Here are some sketches that I had posted earlier in the term at AM.


Stephen said...

Wow, that's feckin' deadly news about your show! Congratulations!

clara said...

toby! my goodness, you have a show ?! :D that's really awesome.

Toby Cochran said...

Not yet Clara! lol But thanks guys!!

Its all in the works right now and its picking up steam!!

Clara you better email me ;)

Christine said...

Gosh! I don't know what has been going but please, don't kill yourself!!! ^____^ Joking! that's great to see your passion rising this high! It'd sound stupid to say "continue the good work" cuz you're the kind of person that'll always do ^^
Keep us inform! I'm curious to see where you'll go!

Anthony Hollis said...

Good luck Toby!

I'm gonna keep an eye on you man. Looking forward to your return in the fall.

The Penciler said...

I can't wait to see the teaser for your show. That's awesome! What did you think of Wall-E?

joey said...

Hang in there bro. Your stuff rocks; can't wait to see what you've got in store for us.

TheZealot said...

Hey - someone did a drive-by commenting at long last on my stupid blog! :) It was good to here from you, and YES that pose has mixed up arm/leg positions! Thank goodness I didn't use it! Anywoo, Congrats on your show. I guess there's still a bit of a long road to go on it, but any progress is good progress, YAH?