Must Sees

Slumdog Millionare

If anyone gets a chance to catch this film playing near you, go see it! Its a wonderful film. It wont be playing in local theaters so make sure to check around. The cinematography was great, there are scenes with kids running through the slums of India and its just very captivating. It reminded me a little of Parkour only little kid style done in the back streets of Mumbai. I also thought the story was fantastic. Audiences will for the first time see a "real" India, I had read a few reviews that mentioned exactly that and I wasn't sure what that meant. But after seeing the film I know exactly what they meant, its almost breathtaking seeing the camera in the heart of those poverty stricken areas. I really have only good things to say about this movie, and only thing I do feel like saying is see it! :) Expect to see this film at the Oscars. Again if you get the chance go see this movie.


I wasn't really expecting too much from this movie but I was really impressed with it. Especially considering the short turn around they had to make this film. The visual look, mostly background I thought was great. I watched Bolt in 3D so I didn't really get time to see all of it as I would have liked. But the lighting and rendering really helped push this film, just the softness of it I think helped make the world of Bolt that much more believable. The characters were great, Rhino and the pigeons were hilarious. I also really liked the voice cast, I wasn't sure about Miley Cyrus but I thought she did great (I guess I was expecting her voice to be really annoying) But I was wrong. This film delivered a lot of big laughs and has heart.

I still would have liked to have seen Chris Sanders vision of this (which was American Dog) But for what it was worth, this is Disney's best animation in a while.


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Dude - November 24th was your last post? What are you? Some kinda animator or somethin?!! :)

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