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Well I'm in class 5 at Animation Mentor and I had worked my way back into class with Mark Pudleiner!!

Thanks to Richard and Eray for making that happen! When I first started at AM Mark was my mentor, and it was his very first time teaching at AM as well. So I had to have class with him again. Not only that I decided that I wanted to do my short film in 2D! And there was no one better than Mark for helping me with 2D.

I've been itching to do 2D ever since I joined AM but I need to understand 3D I'm at AM to learn animation, may it be 2D or 3D its about quality animation!

AND! I have one of the best classes I've ever had at AM - usually classes are awesome and a few students really help push others but this class, EVERYONE helped everyone. We started are own group on skype and would meet every night of the week, especially during the brainstorming weeks. And it helped all of us come out with the greatest story possible. And we were all in different countries so finding the "perfect" time was impossible.

We all stayed up late just so we could help each other out. And to me that's what collaboration is all about. Ya sure, you can go off and not give any feedback in the school and think you can do it all by yourself, but honestly you are missing out on the biggest advantage the school offers. Building relationships with super amazingly talented people from all over the world!!!

I wanted to share some early rough sketches for my short film from back in January, now these are just exploration and my buddy Zac told me about this awesome comic book called Hero Bear! The style in it is AMAZING! Very inspiring.

"Way UP High"

Layout ideas:

Picture ideas:

Boy Sketches:

Early Rough Storyboards:

Best advice for working on a short film is go get fresh eyes on it! Find or ask those certain people you can count on. Also, either working 2D, 3D- whatever always do a rough layout from a birds eye view so you (the director) know where everything will take place. It makes things much easier on you. Always storyboard even if you can't draw, make stick figures, start reading books about compositions.

Study your favorite movies and start analyzing them, study how the shots flow into one another, the use of color and how that is applying to the mood and tone of the film. Look at the editing, how many frames they stayed on an insert shot, or panned the camera a certain way, how did they do that transition you have never noticed before.

Become a student of the art.

More to come on my short film!! :D

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