I Must be


I'm teaming up with Jackie Evans and we are going to try and bust out almost 20-30 seconds of work in two weeks!

We are kinda bored and needing to improve are skills so I came up with a fun little idea that has a simple enough story behind it. Jackie is going to be modeling, texturing, lighting, and composting everything.

I'm going to be designing, storyboarding, layout, SFX, editing and animation. So far we have about 10-12 shots. Tomorrow I will be doing some rig tweaking, layout and more storyboarding to figure out how many shots we need/ don't need.

Then video reference and finish the schedule so we can figure out how we can possibly accomplish all this in such a short time frame. We are working on a work flow for all the assets so we can both being going 120 mph on this and not back track!

The goal is to have this finished by Oct. 7th! (that is my deadline - Jackies might be extended because of lighting and all that) 2nd part of the goal is not to pull any all nighters nor kill are selves for this. :D


James said...

Your ambition and drive is inspiring. Good luck to you both!

Olivier Ladeuix said...

great idea Toby!