WHOOA! Slow it down there... the art team at Netdevil all went to go watch the flick and wow. Then I watched it again in 3D!!

Is that how this stuff is suppose to be done or what?! Aside from UP and Coraline the use of 3D was fantastic I felt. Overall, the movie was nothing mind-blowing storytelling wise, but what one hell of a ride!

I think that's all it was meant to be, to entertain, and I believe over the next weeks it will be rolling the cash in from people going back. I was predicting what was going to happen next almost every-time (which sucked) but still felt super glued to the screen. And man! That's what its about when it comes down to it. No need to freak on reinventing the wheel, just tell a story in a new and entertaining way and boom! You have Avatar!

I also think this is a movie experience not to pass up, go see it in the theater!

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