The Defender Project

I was asked to help my friend and director John Ludwick. He was tasked with creating 9 animated commercials and I animated 4 of them.

All 2D, created in Flash. This was a great experience, we were strapped to time constraints being asked to deliever on a very tight schedule. I tried to keep each animation under 20 hrs of work (tried) lol. These were created for Mediasauce.

Here are the finished pieces:

1. Defender 2 - Flamingos
2. Defender 5 - Sprinkler
3. Defender 3 - Nosy Neighbor
4. Defender 8 - Nosy Returns

I loved working on 2D commercials and would love to do it again! Keep in mind this was all during some crunch time at work. If I could do this full time I would be able to produce even better work.

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